One of our core values is putting the customer first in all things. That may mean a lot of different things depending on who that customer is. Throughout all departments, we are in the business of saving our customers' time. We want to be a partner and an integral part of somebody's business to keep them clean and safe not only for one year but decades.


When you have something to sell that you are truly passionate about, that enthusiasm transfers to your customer and, in turn, leads you to success. At CITY we are looking for ambitious sales representatives looking to sell the new business for our growing company.


We want to make sure our customers always have what they need. By being part of CITY’s service team, customers can count on you to help fulfill their unique business needs and adapt as needed.

Whether you are one of our Route Service Representatives or a District Manager, your goal is to represent CITY’s value of putting our customers first, day in and day out. At CITY, service is not just a word; it’s a promise fulfilled by everyone at CITY. 


Every business needs a strong office staff to support its daily operation. They are the heartbeat of CITY's everyday business.

No matter if you are looking for an accounting or billing position, customer service, or even human resources, CITY's office is staffed to provide the highest level of service and accountability. CITY prides itself on providing stable office positions within a growing work environment.


As part of our marketing department, you have the chance to work with the latest software and equipment all within a tight, close-knit team. We understand everyone has their strengths, and we have built a team to complement each other strengths and weaknesses.

With the marketing department, the sky is the limit as every department fully supports us. Every idea is heard, and together we like to make decisions quickly and juggle many projects at once. If you are looking for a marketing position, we can help you launch your marketing career.


We are always looking to expand our production department with high-quality people that we can count on. Our customers rely on our production team to process their goods on a routine basis.

As a team member, you are vital in maintaining the operational flow of uniforms, towels, mats, and other items through the washing and sorting system, ensuring the rest of the plant can do their job efficiently and on time.


As part of our management department, you get to lead, motivate, and build genuine relationships with your team. We look to hire great people who can bring in new ideas to implement to achieve results together.

We understand the importance of having a clear vision and communicating it well to your team. We empower our management team to take it upon themselves to lead their team in their own unique way while keeping our vision, mission, and company values in focus.


As part of CITY’s maintenance team, everyone at the plant will know your name and reach out if they need help. You are responsible for state-of-the-art equipment in the laundry industry and make sure it runs smoothly and safely. With lots of flexibility throughout the day, you can focus on the tasks you want to work on. No matter your skill level you have the chance to learn new things every day and become an expert in whatever area you are interested in. Our employees and customers count on your accuracy and urgency to make it right


We believe in growth and development, and as an intern at CITY, you can start your professional journey no matter your interests. We set expectations for all of our interns, and participants can expect to have an eye-opening, hands-on experience that can help their resumes stand out.

Whether you are interested in our engineering or want to focus your internship on project management, finances, or marketing, at CITY, we want you to have an experience of a lifetime and prepare you for where you want to be in the future.