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At CITY, service is at the core of our promise to the customer. As part of our service team, you are directly involved in ensuring our customers can succeed in their day to day operations. You make sure potential problems are fixed at the source and identify them before becoming a larger issue. No matter if you are a Route Service Representative or District Manager, everyone who works in CITY’s service department has the same mission: Be better for the customer. You built relationships that become partnerships that last for decades. Being part of the service team means being part of our tradition of excellence for the customer and helping others achieve their goals. 

Route Apprentice: As part of our service team, you learn the ropes of how to service customers in a clean and simple way. We provide you with the training and tools you need to become a difference-maker for businesses across the Midwest.

Route Service Representative: You are a service rep providing businesses with what they need to succeed daily. You manage your time and run your route like your own small business. If you love to meet new people and building partnerships that last for decades, this job is for you.

First Aid Service Representative: Our First Aid Service Representatives provide businesses of all kinds with the products and services they need to be safe. No first-aid experience needed, just the drive to build relationships and keep your clients safe with the products you provide. 

Shuttle Driver: You are the person that is responsible for relaying products from the corporate headquarters to the CITY depots. You have a routine schedule of quick turnarounds routes that don't require overnight stays.



At CITY, we are reliant upon many different people, from Management to Sales as well as Service. Within Service specifically, Route Service Representatives (RSR’s) are a major component to CITY’s success. One worthwhile RSR to know about is the “vibrant” Derek Miller.

"I started working at CITY because I was looking for a long-term position in a place I planned to retire from. I also wanted to work for a company that was family-oriented, and I found that in CITY. I’ve been at CITY for almost five years, and I never plan on going anywhere else. I love it here because I love working with my customers. They are one of the major perks of the job. I really enjoy getting to know people. I look forward to going out and seeing my clients every morning because they are like family to me. I get to service, visit, and chat with my clients, and I have made long-lasting friendships. When I’m out on my route, I enjoy myself." 

- Derek Miller (Route Service Representative)

employees at CITY work together as a team. We give each other support and encouragement. Best of all, we enjoy what we are doing and that makes for a great work environment



You are making sure businesses across four different states have what they need in order to succeed. Many of them will rely on you to provide them with top-notch service, so they don't have to worry. You take ownership of our service and building strong relationships. We don't look at our reps as "drivers" because you are an essential service provider to their business, and driving is just a small element of job. You are part of CITY's most important part of the operation, the service. 

As part of our promise to you, we offer competitive benefits and pay such as: 

  • Paid Time Off and Paid Holidays  
  • Health, Vision, Dental  
  • Flex Benefits 
  • Short Term Disability and Life Insurance  
  • Enrollment in 401K plan (with company match) 
  • Supplemental Insurance 
  • Cancer Care Insurance 
  • Accidental Insurance 


Ken is CITY’s Director of Service and has spent over two decades with the company. At CITY, being motivated to work is key to succeeding in any position, but honesty and transparency with clients truly resonate with the service CITY wants to provide. That’s why Ken strongly believes in CITY’s valuesand wants to make sure his service team stands above the rest.