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Our vision is only made possible through several key elements: our people, investments in technology, sustainability, and the company's growth. Together, we strive to be the most responsive launderer in the region with all of these elements.

Our employees maintain a culture of caring for each other and our customers. CITY believes in commitment, urgency, and putting our people and our customers first.

We pride ourselves on investing in the latest technology because, along with our century-old legacy, we are always making decisions that will impact us in 5, 10, 20+ years.

Over the course of several years, CITY has also made a significant investment in our future and our community in making our operations more sustainable.

With 850 solar panels installed across our corporate headquarters' roof, we replace one-third of our annual electric usage. Throughout a 25-year lifecycle, the system is estimated to offset over 14 million pounds of CO2. This is equivalent to removing 1,395 cars off the road.

CITY recently installed a Miura boiler. With a traditional boiler system it took about 5 minutes per load to steam up loads, and doing about 100 loads per day, that added up. Our Miura boiler takes 2 minutes, which saves us a lot of time every day. The energy efficiency of Miura made it an obvious choice for CITY, aligned with our sustainability plans.

Having a vision of growth is at the core of  CITY’s future. Our growth comes from investing in technology, but more importantly, it comes from empowering our people to be the best versions of themselves. Our people, past, present, and future are the foundation of CITY's future.