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As part of the team working the soil dock, you make sure dirty becomes clean. You are responsible for weighing soiled garments and other materials and loading them to the appropriate place.

Without this position, we wouldn’t be able to process any laundry at our facility.

If you are looking for a hands-on job that involves being a part of one of the most important parts of our operation, the soil dock is the place to be.

You are also part of one of CITY’s most important promises to our customers; Quality every single day.

At the soil dock, you are the first line of quality control, making sure everything gets put in the right place so it can be washed at our facility.


Felix, CITY Laundering's production employee, at CITY Laundering's Oelwein office.
  • Paid Time Off and Paid Holidays  
  • Health, Vision, Dental  
  • Flex Benefits 
  • Short Term Disability and Life Insurance  
  • Enrollment in 401K plan (with company match) 
  • Supplemental Insurance 
  • Cancer Care Insurance 
  • Accidental Insurance